Porto Carras Real Estate - virtual tour and architectural visualization

23 Aug 11

Porto Carras is one of the most renowned five star resorts in Greece and the Mediterranean. It incorporates many facilities such as a hotel, conference halls, spa, a golf club, a marina, a vineyard and a casino. Its latest project is a complex of private luxurious residences that is being implemented next to the Porto Carras Grand Resort and will include different wings like comfortable apartments, luxurious maisonettes and studios. The Real Estate Club will offer the possibility to acquire a private residences at a luxurious environment like the Porto Carras Grand Resort.

The orbitlab team was asked to develop a virtual tour of the Porto Carras Real Estate Club, showcasing the environment, the facilities of the resort, the already finished and available residences but also to visualize those that havent built yet based on tha architectural plans. We utilized a method to embed the architectural 3d models within the spherical panoramas covering the worksite and the construction works.

This project is ongoing and has not been delivered yet.