Interactive cdrom - University of Crete

23 Aug 11

The orbitlab team was contracted by the University of Crete to develop an interactive cdrom that would incorporate and present all the outcomes of the educational program “Gender in Social Sciences” that took place the last 6 years.

In light of the development of Gender Studies and Equality at the University level, the program "Gender in Social Sciences" was established in 2003 and attempted to enrich undergraduate education through the introduction of the gender perspective in teaching and research.

It was jointly carried out by three departments (Sociology, History and Archaeology, and Philosophy and Social Studies) and financed by the European Community and the Greek Ministry of Education. The program aimed to analyze gender identity & construction, to analyze causes (social, political, economic and cultural) of the division of gender, and finally include gender at the center of contemporary approaches of the social sciences.

The interactive cdrom included different kind of material, all outcomes of the program, like talks, posters, calls for participation, e-book, etc.

Graphical design: Lio Sotiriou
Editing : Maria Ilvanidou