Els barrancs - Virtual Tour - Time Lapse Photography

23 Aug 11

The Battle of the Ebro (Spanish: Batalla del Ebro, Catalan: Batalla de l'Ebre) was the longest and bloodiest battle of the Spanish Civil War. It took place between July and November 1938, with fighting mainly concentrated in two areas on the lower course of the Ebro River.

The Battle of Ebro is a fundamental event for the understanding of contemporary Catalan and Spanish history, with a powerful link to events in the rest of the world.

At the "Soldats a les Trinxeres" (Soldiers in the Trenches) Interpretation Centre, at Vilalba dels Arcs in Catalonia, the situations and emotions experienced by soldiers on the battlefield in their day-to-day lives are shown.

Museography was undertaken by the pep camps team from Barcelona :
Museu i centre d’interpretació permanent a Vilalba dels Arcs (Terra Alta). Centre per a la recuperació de la memòria històrica. Ser soldat i ser persona a les trinxeres durant la Batalla de l’Ebre a la Guerra Civil espanyola.

Execució del projecte museogràfic incorporant-hi millores i canvis. Creació i realització de l'audiovisual "Soldats a les trinxeres", de les fotografies panoràmiques de les trinxeres i del canal mòbil. Instal·lacions, fusteria, obra, etc. (100 m²)

Around 700 metres of frontline trenches have survived virtually intact, including sniper posts, evacuation trenches and shelters.

We had a wonderful trip to Catalonia and created a virtual tour of the historical site of "Els Barrancs", near Vilalba dels Arcs, with over 20 spherical panoramas that is made available to the visitors of the Interpretation Centre through an infokiosk.

We also used dSLR cameras for the needs of the time-lapse video "Soldats a les trinxeres" by Basilis Chatzigabriel, that is also showcased to the visitors at the museum in Vilalba dels Arcs.

Soldats a les trinxeres (trailer) from Basilis Chatzigabriel on Vimeo.

Ati this project, in all stages of the production orbitlab worked close with the pep camps team together, our collaborators in Barcelona.


consorci memorial dels espais de la batalla de l'ebre

Pep Camps - Barcelona

Estudi de Disseny d'Exposicions i Museografia