Development of GIS for the Acropolis of Athens - Interactive Website

23 Aug 11

The goal of this website was to present interactively the outcomes of the project “Development of Geographical Information Systems for the Acropolis of Athens”.

This projects was undertaken by the Acropolis Restoration Service and involved many organizations from the private and public Sector. The project lasted 3 years and included amongst others, laser-scanning, geodesic works, photogrammetric works, as well as database & GIS development (you can read in detail about the specific tasks when visiting the website).

The visual outcomes of the project were, 3d models of the perimetric walls & the Erechtheion (the first fully restored monument of the Acropolis), & orthorectified images of the perimetric walls and the groundplan of the rock. The orbitlab team was asked to present these scientific visual outcomes on the web with a fast, accessible, convenient and interactive way.

Because 3d real time rendering on the web is still in its infancy, we chose to display the 3d models by rendering 360 degrees views of them and merge them to form interactive object movies. To gain access to the 3d models of the perimetric walls we designed an interface from which the visitor can rotate the hole rock and choose specific parts of it to view in a higher resolution.

The website was designed using the drupal CMS , because rapid development was desirable.