Database Redesign and Implementation - Acropolis Restoration Service

23 Aug 11

The Database System of the Acropolis Restoration Service is a valuable tool for the documentation of the interventions works on the monuments. The archival material of the YSMA, together with the daily information from the interventions, is processed there. It insures quick retrieval of information, organization and grouping of the documents, analysis and direct access to their components. In addition the system supports a local network with many users.

The database processes both images and texts and it comprises four archives, the archive of architectural members, the photographic archive, the archive of plans and drawings and the text archive. The archive of architectural members contains information about the monuments, arranged in hierarchical order from the entire monument and its various structural parts to the individual architectural member. In addition it includes special information divided into six groups/windows. These information groups have to do with the building characteristics of the members, traces of their historical phases, earlier interventions they have undergone, the damage they show, contemporary interventions for structural restoration and surface conservation.

The documentation and information entered in the database can be accessed by means of searching criteria, simple or composite. The ability of the database to provide not only simple catalogues of the information documented, but also answers, composite in terms of their content and associated with the architectural members of the monuments, makes it a useful and valuable tool for those carrying out the work and for the wider scholarly community.

The digital archive of the Acropolis Restoration Service exists in different forms around 25 years. But in 2007-2009 the whole system was redesigned and implement by making use of modern database technologies. It was during the project “Development of Geographical Information Systems for the Acropolis of Athens”.

Since 2010 orbitlab is supervising the further development of the database by proposing and implementing new ways & technologies to keep the system up to date with current trends in the cultural heritage domain. One of the goals is to utilize foss tools and in that direction a lot of work has been done.

Another goal is to implement visual access to the architectural members (records of the database) by incorporating semantic rich gigapixel images of the monuments and graphics. The work is ongoing and we hope to keep the system fully functional, modular, interoperable and scalable for the different needs that arise during the restoration works of the Acropolis in the future.

Acropolis Restoration Service

The Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA) is a special peripheral service of the greek Ministry of Culture, established in order to organize and carry out the works of conservation and restoration on the Acropolis