Data Acquisition Software for Fiber Optics Network - Acropolis Restoration Service

07 Jun 11

The walls of the Acropolis have suffered severe damage due to environmental causes and human interventions during its long history. Successive additions, remodeling, repairs and other interventions, numerous earthquakes, bombardments and sieges and time itself, inevitably causing structural aging, have caused damages and structural condition deteriorations which pose serious risks of structural failure.

For the investigation of the Acropolis walls structural behavior, the Acropolis Restoration Service introduced an instrumented health monitoring project.

Monitoring of small-scale movements of part of the south and the east Wall is done by a network of fiber optic sensors.

The orbitlab team developed the software that automatizes the acquisition process and stores the data streams in a dedicated database.

Acropolis Restoration Service

The Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA) is a special peripheral service of the greek Ministry of Culture, established in order to organize and carry out the works of conservation and restoration on the Acropolis

CRD Group

Instrumentation of the Acropolis walls

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